Warren Buffet once famously said:

Rule No:1 : Never Lose Money

Rule No: 2: Never Forget Rule No.1

Business is kind of investment, where stakeholders should ensure that they do not lose money.

Unfortunately, this becomes difficult to implement as the owners or CEO’s are too busy growing their business without actually knowing whether they are making profits or not. In the process they run out of cash to run the business and get buried in debt.

This is where a CFO comes in, who helps to make sense of business numbers, formulate long-term strategy and manage cash-flow in business.  In addition to this measures business results and tells which product-lines or services are making money and recommends corrective action to rectify the situation.

Again the scope of a CFO cannot be pre-defined as the requirement changes from client to client.  Below are some of the deliverables you get part of Soatech CFO Service. Again this can be customized based on the assessment of the business.

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Scope of a CFO

Optimising profitability of the business

Financial Strategy, Governance, Business Planning

Management can focus on core

Cash-Flow Management

Ensuring Planned/Budgeted activities are achieved in time

Implementing & reviewing effective Operational & Financial reporting system

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