Power Tools

Fund Optimiser:

Optimise Funds Flow in your company using our powerful Fund Optimizer tool. Great value assured – “Recently one of our clients saved INR 2 Million using this tool by Soatech”, Contact us to learn more.

Inventory Pick Rate:

This tool helps you manage your inventory effectively, results in reducing Inventory related costs like: Purchase cost, Managing and Maintenance cost. Contact us to learn more.

Profit Stimulators:

Profit of any business depends on the key variable such as Material, Employee, Selling expenses and much more. With our profit stimulator at the click of a button, you will know exactly how profit will look like when you change the key drivers of your business. Contact us to learn more.

Hot Seat

 Are you looking for a quick problem solving solution?

Want to address business bottlenecks blocking your company’s growth?

Just arrange a business consulting hot seat! It’s a 1 hour session that gives you the opportunity to rub your shoulder with Experts, share your thoughts, and find out of if there is something missing in your thought process towards achieving your goals.

The entire session focuses on your biggest issues and opportunities and how to solve them or capitalise on them.

It addresses things like:

  1. How to enhance your ROI with a Unique Financial Strategy
  2. How to measure and make appropriate decisions?
  3. How to create an effective business plan and set budgets?
  4. Pricing and value-adding techniques to increase profits without pricing yourself out of the market.
  5. Online marketing and website advice to attract more traffic, more interaction and more sales from your website.
  6. Unexplored paths of marketing/strategies that your business can get benefited from etc.

Mobile Application

  1. An App where business owners can access their key real time business information on their mobile anytime anywhere.
  2. The information like Bank Balance, Receivables, Statutory Payables, Income, Expenses etc.,
  3. The owner will also get daily update on new changes which will affect the business

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