Soatech Services has provided our company with financial auditing services that have exceeded our expectations and they always present us with advice that is timely and relevant to our business. Their assistance and guidance on some complex accounting transactions, solidifying our internal control structure and the resulting opinions on our financial statements have been invaluable to our business success

Leading Edge Advertising India (P) Ltd.

Lavancha Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd was incorporated in Jan 2013. Since incorporation we have been associated with SOATECH SOLUTIONS. It’s been extremely delightful customer service from Mr. Sharad and his staff at SOATECH. Especially for a Start-Up company they have been extremely co-operative and friendly during every interaction. I cannot imagine any other organization who could have given me such a customer service. I am extremely happy with SOATECH SOLUTIONS and will continue to be their customer for many more years to come.

CEO, Lavancha

The experience and understanding of the personnel of Soatech Services to the complex yet unique needs of our company, is definitely one of their strength. They have facilitated us in putting both process and financial systems in place as well as take some very difficult but required decisions. We are indeed pleased to record our appreciation of their individualized, friendly and timely support in our activities during the course of their association.

Thrive 360 East

Soatech’s thorough Business Assessment opened our eyes showing us several areas to improve resource utilization, follow statutory compliance, optimize cash flow. Soatech asked us several tough questions that every business owner should ask themseves. I believe implementation of just a few suggestions given by Soatech team could save us multiple times of fees we would pay them.

Ashish Bhutada
CEO, Health Mantra Pvt. Ltd

This is to express my gratitude for your services offered to me. When one engages a service provider such as you, there is always a concern the services provided would be as per one’s expectation. I am happy to report that you have fully and delightfully met my expectation. You have planned to set goals along with me and have been proactive in ensuring that we reach milestones as planned. In the event you depended on me for my inputs or consent, you have been prompt and caring in ensuring that we do not waste time. I appreciate your preempting approach demonstrated. Your services have been one of great satisfaction. Please keep it up. Given other things being on sound footings in your business, your customer-oriented approach will take you to greater heights

HKG Fund Manager Pvt. Ltd.

Soatech is perfect for a company like ours that doesn’t have an in-house Accountant / CFO. They are very professional and do things in a timely matter. They always get right back to you with an answer to your question. I would recommend their services for anyone who needs a trustworthy accounting firm! Soatech has truly become a part of my organization.


Soatech has been an excellent partner to ideasurge for the last five years as our one-stop shop managing Accounts, Audit and Payroll. Their employees, including those in their senior management, have worked very closely with me to service my company and to establish/maintain processes and all necessary documentation. In addition, they have been instrumental in coordinating with a prior accounting firm and getting us up to date with all regulatory and statutory needs. Soatech now seamlessly operates as an extension of ideasurge for all Finance functions.