Business Assessment

Business Assessment is nothing but Business Health Checkup.

The objectives of assessment are

  1. To check whether funds are effectively utilised and managed.
  2. To check whether business reporting systems are adequate enough to take timely effective business decisions.
  3. To Identify areas of cost savings/revenue increasing
  4. To know the break even point/survival point in your business.
  5. To check the Statutory Compliances effectiveness.
  6. To assess the Business Sustainability Risk.

What Client has to say?

Major Benefits Experienced By the Client:

Once Soatech team analysed  Health Mantra’s financial management through a business Health Checkup service, we found that there is a great scope of process improvement and potential savings that can empower management to get insights and manage their financial and business projection in a proactive way.

The major findings after the business health checkup were:

  1. Identification of potential savings in the business.
  2. Soatech found that there is a process gap in managing their inventory, causing inefficiency and ambiguity.
  3. Soatech team arrived at a break even point which gave a clarity on how much sales Health Mantra should do to meet their fixed expense/unavoidable expenses.

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