Accounts Department Outsourcing

We will fully replace the accounting department of a business, which would create an environment where Management can concentrate on the core activities of the business

“As per the recent survey (Source: Intuit Australia) business owners spends nearly 35% of their time in support functions like, accounting, tax filing, paying vendors and employees, rather than focusing on developing their business”

Major Activities covered:

  1. Invoice Management – Raising Invoices, Mailing Invoices to Client/Customer
  2. Collection Management – Gentle follow up for the collection/assisting Sales Department for collections
  3. Expense Management/ PO Management – Raising PO for expenses, Mailing PO’s to Vendor
  4. Payments – Uploading payments online / Issuing Cheques 5. Payroll – Payroll processing, Payment of salary, expenses reimbursements etc.,
  5. Accounting – Taking care of entire accounting
  6. Coordination – With other department of the business and with Outside Agencies
  7. Statutory Compliance – Statutory Payments and filing required returns with the Departments
  8. Reporting – Monthly MIS reporting


  1. Cost – Cost of managing own department can be reduced to almost 50%
  2. Quality – High quality service as services are provided by the trained, experienced & qualified people
  3. Continuous – No interruption in service as the service is not person dependent but process dependent

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